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Step-by-step: working with Azure mobile app Quickstart service & UWP application.

This is Rezwanur Rahman. Once again, I’m here to discuss with you about Microsoft Azure, Universal Windows Platform and mobile service. In this article, you will learn, how to add a new Azure mobile app quickstart service to a UWP application.

To start this tutorial, you need to install or you have o access of this following programs and services:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio
  2. Microsoft Azure account

Okay, now lets start 🙂

Step-01:- Sign in to your Microsoft Azure account. If you don’t have any azure account, please visit here to learn how to get it.
Step-02:- Click ‘+NEW’ and type “Mobile Apps” in the search box. Then select “Mobile App quickstart”.


Step-03:- Click “Create” on “Mobile App Quickstart” page.
Step-04:- Now, configure the “Mobile App Quickstart” account blade. Specify the App Name, Subscription, Resource Group, location etc. Then, click to “Create”. We have to wait for few minutes for the service to be deployed successfully.


Step-05:-In the new Mobile App settings blade, Click on “QuickStart” and select Windows (C#)


Step-06:-In the QuickStart blade, for your Mobile App backend, select “Create a new app” and click Download.

Step-07:- Open the downloaded project to Visual Studio and build the project. Click “run”. Now it will start in the simulation.

If you face any reference missing issue, please update the service references from Visual Studio library.
Hope, you understand how to add azure mobile app quickstart service to a UWP application. Stay connected with me to get more useful tutorials about UWP, Azure and Cloud services.

Good Luck.
Rezwanur 🙂

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Rezwanur Rahman

Rezwanur Rahman is the Software Engineer graduate from American International University - Bangladesh. He is the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on Windows Insider program. He is the former Microsoft DX-intern and Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Lead from Bangladesh. He is a programmer and software developer since 2012 on desktop, mobile and web platform. Subscribe and get updated for new blogs, news and updates.

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