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MSPs, Active your Pluralsight 30-course subscription using MSDN

Pluralsight 30-course subscription


Hello again!

There are many many computer training institute or online training center all over the world. Some are useful and unique, some are fake. But, Do you know anything about Pluralsight? Today, I want to discuss about Pluralsight.

Pluralsight is a online training center. There are more then 3000 tech & creative courses. The monthly fee of this site is $29 USD (BDT 2262 Taka). But, the good news is, for the Microsoft Student Partners, who have valid MSDN subscription can access 30 course at full free of cost. If you are a Microsoft Student Partner, you can also access it.
Now, I want to discuss how to active Pluralsignt 30-course subscription using MSDN:

01. Login at your MSDN Subscription 
02. Select your subscription to “Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN”.

Changing Subscription

03. In Subscription Benefits category, select Pluralsight 30-course subscription and click “Activate your Pluralsight benefit”.

Pluralsight MSDN Benefit

04. After clicking the Activation, you will be navigate to a new page. There will be shown the course catalog and activation. Then Click “Activate your Pluralsight benefit”.

Course Catalog

05. After it, a registration form will be shown and you must fill up it with correct information. (You must provide your email address to registration)

MSDN Benefit

06. After it, a confirmation mail will be sent to your email address. This is the confirm page.


07. Then, login to your Student Partner Portal and see the confirmation mail where Pluralsight sent you the username and password.


08. Then login and watch the tutorials 🙂 🙂

Happy Learning
That’s it 🙂 Happy learning..
Thank you ……… 🙂

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Rezwanur Rahman is the Software Engineer graduate from American International University - Bangladesh. He is the former Microsoft DX-intern and Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Lead from Bangladesh. He is a programmer and software developer since 2012 on desktop, mobile and web platform. Subscribe and get updated for new blogs, news and updates.

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