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14 reasons for becoming a Microsoft Student Partner

“Why should I join the program?” or “What are the benefits of this program?” or “Is it a job at Microsoft?” or “Please tell me about MSPs salary!!”, the most common questions of students. Microsoft Student Partner program is a great way for students to get involved in the world of technology. Today’s blog is for those, who really want to know about Microsoft Student Partner program, it’s benefits and salaries. msps The Microsoft Student Partners is a worldwide recognizable program to sponsor students majoring in disciplines related to technology. The MSP program enhances students’ employability by offering training in skills not usually taught in academia, including knowledge of Microsoft technologies. This is not a job at Microsoft, so there are no questions about salary.

Benefits of MSP program: ——>

  1. Learn new languages: When you becoming a Microsoft Student Partner, you will learn how to develop windows phone and windows store applications using C#, XAML, Microsoft Azure etc. You will learn the new languages and technologies that can help you to build your career.
  2. Try new Microsoft technologies and discover something new: You’ll be one of the first to try Microsoft products before even getting released. Which is quite amazing. You’ll learn all the special feature and specs of the next Microsoft technologies.
  3. Develop applications for Windows Phone, Windows store using Microsoft Azure: A Microsoft Student Partner can get Microsoft Azure subscription under Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) subscription. MSPs can develop most creative solutions for Windows Phone or Windows Store, websites and VM.
  4. Meet international Microsoft employees and MSPs: Becoming a MSP, you will meet with the worldwide Microsoft employees and MSPs. This is a great chance to share your knowledge and creativity with international platform.
    Me with the international MSPs and Youthspar Advocates at Headquarter of Microsoft, Redmond, WA
    Me with the international MSPs and Youthspark Advocates at Headquarter of Microsoft, Redmond, WA
  5. Internship opportunity: Internship at Microsoft !!! Woww… This is a golden opportunity to build your career path. The Microsoft Student Partner program gives the opportunity for students to work at Microsoft or one of its partners. This is very beneficial in the future since Microsoft is sending you to its partners. It’s a sort of recommendation you’re getting that you have what it takes to develop and help in building applications on the store.
  6. Improve your presentation skills: One of the skills you’ll get when you join the program is enhancing your presentation skills. You’ll be giving presentations and seminars at your university and Microsoft country office also. So if one of your biggest fears is of standing in front of an audience, now is the chance to overcome it. Don’t forget during your career you are going to give presentations and deliver your ideas in a clear and straight manner.
  7. Represent your university: Now this is the important part of being a Microsoft Student Partner. He mainly represents Microsoft, introduce students to the new technologies and finally hold seminars and development sessions. So this shows that you have leadership experience and could help you if you’re applying for any management position.
  8. MSDN: MSDN means Microsoft Developers Network. If you dedicate yourself to the program you’ll receive some valuable prize such as MSDN. You will get 11 Terabyte Microsoft original software and tools with 10 products keys of each, Microsoft Azure subscription, Office 365 development subscription, Plurarsight subscription, Windows Phone and Windows Store dev center account subscription and many more.
  9. Microsoft Imagine Cup: Becoming a MSP, you will get all the resources for competing Microsoft Imagine Cup. In  2011,  Team Rapture from Bangladesh, won Microsoft Imagine Cup peoples Award for the first time in Bangladesh, was also a MSP team.  So, it will help you to challenge the world.Microsoft Imagine Cup
  10. MSP Summit: Okay, Microsoft launched “MSP of the year” award in 2014. Microsoft invited top MSPs from all over the world and give an award to the top MSP from all over the world. In 2014 from Bangladesh, Rahat Yasir Anindo, who is the Ex-MSP of NSU and MVP on Windows Development Platform, had been invited for joining at MSP Summit at Seattle. In 2015, Jason Chee from Singapore, was awarded the “MSP of the Year” trophy during the recent MSP Summit in Redmond, Washington. This is the great chance to visit the headquarter of Microsoft and represent yourself and your country to worldwide.
  11. Microsoft Dreamspark: The main duty of a Microsoft Student Partner is distribute Microsoft DreamSpark accounts between the college or university students. DreamSpark is a Microsoft Program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes at free of cost. So, you can connect with students and faculties.
  12. Microsoft Certifications: This is a great and hot topic! Everybody know about Microsoft Certification. Every year, Microsoft provide free exam vouchers for MSPs. A MSP can achieve Microsoft Certificates and build his CV for a bright future. In December, 2014, I achieved 9 Microsoft certificates of Microsoft Technology Associate, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate and Microsoft Specialist on different platform.
    My MCP certificate at I achieved in December 2014 on Office 365
    My MCP certificate that I achieved in December 2014 on Office 365
  13. Put it to your CV: The moment you graduate from university you’ll start applying for jobs. Fine, but what differentiate 2 students having the same GPA with an empty CV? Putting in your CV that you were in the Microsoft Student Partner program will show the company you’re applying to that you’re dedicated, passionate, ambitious and willing to learn new things. So this is a huge plus on your CV!
  14. Get your MSP Certificate: A MSP Alumni can get MSP certificate from Microsoft. It helps to find a great job too.

I’m sure you are going to enjoy the program if you ever get enrolled in it. You’ll be part of an amazing family that will help you learn, present, build your confidence and improve your CV. Good Luck !

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Rezwanur Rahman is the Software Engineer graduate from American International University - Bangladesh. He is the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on Windows Insider program. He is the former Microsoft DX-intern and Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Lead from Bangladesh. He is a programmer and software developer since 2012 on desktop, mobile and web platform. Subscribe and get updated for new blogs, news and updates.


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